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The New Brunswick Athlete Assistance Program (NBAAP) provides direct financial assistance to New Brunswick high performance athletes who have achieved significant results at the junior/senior national and/or international level in their pursuit of athletic excellence; or have demonstrated the potential to earn a place on a Canadian National Senior or Junior team in the near future. Funding of the NBAAP is provided by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture – Sport and Recreation Branch. The effective delivery of the NBAAP is based on a partnership between the New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic and relies heavily on input from the national and provincial sport organizations.

Only athletes who have the potential to make the national senior or junior team in the near future will be considered for this program. Athletes must:

  • Be involved in a year-round training and competition plan, competing in national and/or international competition;
  • Be a Canadian citizen or have landed immigrant status;
  • Be a New Brunswick athlete;
  • Not be receiving athlete assistance funding from another province or territory;
  • Not be on the list of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) for any doping or doping related offence

Athletes not eligible for this program include:

  • athletes who compete only in masters events (Active for life);
  • athletes who compete in sports or sport disciplines which do not have a recognized national team program (i.e.: athletes who compete at a national championship and proceed directly to an international competition without going through a selection process).

A New Brunswick athlete is defined as someone who is:

  • Registered with their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) in New Brunswick (if there is no PSO in New Brunswick, the athlete must be registered with their National Sport Organization); and
  • Training in the province of NB and has been training in the province for at least 8 months, registered with their New Brunswick Provincial Sport Organization and represents New Brunswick at national competitions.


Training outside of the province because he / she is attending a post- secondary institution out-of-province throughout the full academic year or is attending a national training center, or is unable to receive the required level of training in New Brunswick.

Athletes training outside of the province must maintain strong ties to the province of New Brunswick (e.g., born in NB, lived a considerable amount of time in NB, primary residence in New Brunswick, parent/guardian(s) still live in NB, etc…) and have not made another Province or Territory their permanent residence.

The program aims to assist athletes towards a podium finish at a Major International Games or World Single Sport Championship. Funding is provided to New Brunswick’s top senior and junior athletes. Preference is given to applicants who are competing in a sport and discipline featured in a major games (Olympics/Paralympics/Pan Americans/Parapan American/Commonwealth). Support is provided to off-set training and competition expenses. Individual athlete applications are generally coordinated and reviewed by an evaluation committee before being evaluated by the provincial sport organization (PSO) and the national sport organization (NSO). Athletes can apply directly to the Sport and Recreation Branch.


The Go NB grant is designed to strengthen physical literacy and reduce barriers to sport participation for children and youth, with a particular focus on under-represented populations.

Provincial and Local Sport organizations, municipalities, non-profits and First Nations are all eligible for this grant.

Applicants must demonstrate their capacity to plan and implement programs that develop physical literacy and/or reduces barriers to sport participation. Applicants must also provide clear evidence that they have qualified leaders/instructors.

Objective 1 – Physical Literacy (Active Start, FUNdamentals, and Learning to Train of the Canadian Sport for Life model).

Objective 2 – Under-represented populations (Aboriginal youth, persons with a disability, women and girls, economically disadvantaged).

The Go NB Grant Program is the result of a bilateral agreement between the Government of Canada (Sport Canada) and the Province of New Brunswick.


Support is provided to assist with the growth and development of New Brunswick provincial organizations whose mandate includes the development of sport, recreation or active living opportunities.

Provincial organizations must be registered as non-profit under the New Brunswick or Federal Companies Act, or constituted as a non-profit organization.

This department supports the concept of a single umbrella organization in each sport or activity, providing services to all disciplines. Each provincial organization must be the provincial leader in its business and a member of its national association where one exists. A constitution/by-laws that has been approved by the general membership and on file with the department is mandatory. All organizations must have held an annual general meeting within the last 12 months and be accountable to its membership.

The department support of eligible organizations may be available in the form of funding, programs and/or consulting services. The level of support provided will be dependent upon the competition for available resources and a provincial organization’s contribution towards the goals of the Branch.

This department provides financial support through three mechanisms – Funding Model I (primarily single sport provincial organizations), Funding Model II (primarily Recreation or Multi-sport organizations), Funding Model III (primarily organizations that offer sport and recreation opportunities but have an overall mandate that is not sport and recreation).


A grant program aimed at increasing opportunities for New Brunswickers to engage in physical activity, increasing awareness of the benefits to be gained from it and building sustainability of leadership.

All applicants must come from, or be partnered with a community organization. Organizations eligible to apply for Active Communities Grant Program funding include:

  • Non-profit volunteer local, regional and provincial organizations and groups; community-based coalitions and networks; professional organizations and associations; and,
  • Communities/Municipalities.

This Grant Program will provide support for activities and projects that raise awareness of the importance of physical activity, provide new or expanded opportunities for New Brunswickers to be active and provide opportunities for networking with the intent of building capacity. The objectives of the grant program are to:

  • increase opportunities for New Brunswickers to engage in physical activity as part of their everyday life;
  • encourage, support and build sustainable physical activity leadership;
  • increase public awareness of the benefits and enjoyment of physical activity;
  • address common barriers to physical activity; and,
  • encourage the participation of those who are not currently active.
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