What’s in the Directory of Services?

The 2016 Edition of the Directory of Services Offered to Persons with Disabilities in New Brunswick contains a descriptive list of services and programs offered by community groups and government agencies to the people of the province with disabilities and their families.

How do I find what I’m looking for?

All the information is presented alphabetically in each section of the Directory. The first section of the Directory includes information offered by federal agencies, followed by a section with programs offered by the provincial government and then the section of programs offered by community groups.

A listing of the contents as it appears in the directory follows the Table. At the back of the Directory, a Regional Index has been prepared so users may look for programs within their specific region.

Is the information up to date?

The information contained in the print Directory is updated on an annual basis. The online version of the Directory is updated continuously. If you find errors in any of the listings, or if you are aware of other services that could possibly be included in the Directory, please let us know by contacting (800) 442-4412 or pcsdp@gnb.ca.

Does the Council endorse the services listed in the Directory?

The Council is not responsible for the actual delivery of these services.

I still can’t find what I’m looking for, what should I do?

Staff at the Premier’s Council on Disability is very knowledgeable and experienced in referring people and organizations towards applicable programs or services. Please call the office if you would like additional guidance.

The Council also has a number of other free information resources covering other topics of interest to persons with disabilities. The information in the other directories is specific to certain topics. These can be found on the Premier’s Council website at www.gnb.ca/council or can be mailed on request.

Is the information available in alternate formats?

Yes, please call the Premier’s Council to let us know which format you would like.

Can I photocopy the Directory?

Yes, we encourage users to photocopy the information in order to share it with as many people as possible.

How much does it cost?

The Directory is offered at no charge.

Please address your comments to:
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Toll-free: (800) 442-4412
Fax: (506) 444-3001
E-mail: pcd@gnb.ca
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