HSBC Place
PO Box 5100
Fredericton, NB E3B 5G8
Telephone: (506) 457-4800
Fax: (506) 453-5243

Healthy Families, Healthy Babies

The two Regional Health Authorities provide Early Childhood Initiatives services.

Early Childhood Initiatives offer prenatal services that foster healthy pregnancy, and postnatal services that promote the healthy development of children from birth to age 2 years. Among the services included are screening, home visiting, provision of nutritional supplements and referral.

Participation is voluntary for all services. Potential clients may self-refer, be referred by a professional, or by a third party. Eligibility criteria exist for some of the Early Childhood Initiatives programs and individuals are assessed when services are requested.

Extra-Mural Program

The New Brunswick Extra-Mural Program (EMP) provides home health services to New Brunswickers of all ages in their homes and/or communities.

EMP services are publicly funded and provided by the Regional Health Authorities.

People living within New Brunswick with a valid Medicare card (or in the process of receiving one) are eligible to receive Extra-Mural services, as long as health care needs can be met safely in the home.

The EMP has the mandate to provide and/or facilitate:

  • An alternative to hospital admissions;
  • An alternative to or postponement of nursing home admission;
  • Early discharge from hospitals;
  • Long-term care;
  • Palliative care;
  • Rehabilitation services; and
  • The coordination of support services.

For more information regarding the EMP, please consult your local EMP office or your family doctor.

Healthy Learners in School Program

The Healthy Learners in School Program is a Public Health program available through the Regional Health Authorities.

The Healthy Learners in School Program develops and supports health promotion efforts that:

  • Involve all areas of health which includes physical, emotional and social health
  • Aim to prevent injury and disease
  • Support healthy decision-making and behaviors which will last into adulthood
  • Encourage successful learning

Public Health nurses with the Healthy Learners in School program work at the school district level with the District Health Committee. At the high school level, nurses work with a School Health Committee. These committees have representatives from the district, its schools, principals, teachers and parents, as well as communities

Healthy Toddler Assessment

The Healthy Toddler Assessment is provided by the two Regional Health Authorities. The assessment targets 18-month-old children and is delivered by public health nurses. This assessment is in addition to the work that Physicians and Nurse Practitioners do in supporting parents in the healthy development of their toddlers.

For more information regarding the Healthy Toddler Assessment, contact your local Public Health clinic.

New Brunswick Drug Plan

The New Brunswick Drug Plan is a prescription drug plan that provides drug coverage for New Brunswickers without drug insurance.

New Brunswickers with a valid Medicare card can enroll in the plan. The plan covers drugs listed on the New Brunswick Drug Plan Formulary.

Any New Brunswicker who has questions about the New Brunswick Drug Plan may call the information line at 1-855-540-7325 or email

Information for Drug Plan Members
After you submit your completed application, your premium will be calculated based on your family income, which is verified with the Canada Revenue Agency. Consent is required from each adult applicant to verify income with the Canada Revenue Agency. If we don’t receive consent, enrollment can proceed and the premium will be based on the highest income band for the family.

Premium payment is due on the first day of the coverage period. There are two options for paying your premiums for coverage under the New Brunswick Drug Plan:

  • Monthly – your premiums can be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.
  • Quarterly – you will be mailed an invoice four times a year.

You will be able to choose one of the following effective dates of coverage:

  • First of the month of your application date (if you have any claims and would like your coverage to be retroactive to the first of the month in which you applied, two months payment will be debited on your first withdrawal if you choose the monthly pre-authorized debit option).
  • First of the month following the application date (if you would like coverage for claims payments to start on the first of the following month rather than the beginning of the current month).

Pharmacies that have registered with the New Brunswick Drug Plan as participating providers can submit your prescription claims directly to the Drug Plan for payment. Members need to pay a 30% co-pay up to a maximum of $30 for each prescription. This avoids members from paying out-of-pocket for prescriptions and submitting the receipts for reimbursement.

If a pharmacy has not registered as a participating provider, it cannot submit claims directly to the Drug Plan. A member can chose to fill a prescription at a nonparticipating pharmacy. However, they will be required to pay the pharmacy for the total cost of the prescription and submit the official receipt to the Drug Plan for reimbursement at the address below. Please note that a non-participating provider pharmacy may charge a member a higher amount for a prescription than the Drug Plan will reimburse.

The New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program (NBPDP) Formulary is a list of the drugs which are eligible benefits under the Program. All drugs considered for listing as benefits must be reviewed according to the Drug Review Process.

Most drugs listed in the NBPDP Formulary are “regular” benefits which are reimbursed with no criteria or prior approval requirements. Some drugs require Special Authorization in order to be reimbursed. Certain drug products are not eligible benefits and are identified on the exclusion list.

NBPDP only reimburses drugs dispensed in the Province of New Brunswick by a pharmacist or designated dispensing physician.

An electronic copy of the Formulary is updated monthly on the NBPDP web page. To have your name added to the e-mail mailing list to receive notification of monthly updates and Formulary Update Bulletins, please sign up online at NBPDP Email Announcements.

The New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program Formulary lists the drugs which are eligible for coverage for each plan. Prescriptions for these drugs must be filled by a pharmacy or designated dispensing physician in New Brunswick in order to be reimbursed.

Any questions on this program can be referred to the information line at 1 (855) 540-7325 or email

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services is committed to the least restrictive, most appropriate care for people with mental disorders.

Mental Health Services oversees the operation of 14 Community Mental Health Centres, and administers purchase-of-service contracts with regional hospital corporations for eight psychiatric units, one child and adolescent psychiatric unit and two institutions – the Restigouche Hospital Centre in Campbellton and Centracare in Saint John.

Mental Health Services ensures the delivery system is coordinated, effective, and consistent with the mental health policy framework for the province.

Community Mental Health Centres

There are thirteen Community Mental Health Centres (CMHC).

Each CMHC is responsible for managing core community-based programs. As part of Performance Management, the Community Mental Health Directors are responsible for establishing a mechanism to ensure ongoing community, consumer, and family involvement. A community Advisory Committee (CAC) comprised of consumers, family, advocacy groups, and the public at large provides advice to each of the thirteen CMHCs.

Mental Health Services are provided through three core program areas:

Acute Services

This community based program is for individuals of all age groups who present a mental or emotional problem that interferes with their psycho-social functioning that they cannot overcome adequately without professional intervention.

The objectives of Acute Services are:

  • To provide screening, assessment, 24-hour crisis intervention, short-term therapy, prevention, consultation and service delivery coordination.
  • To direct clients to the mental health programs and/or community services appropriate to their needs.

Child and Adolescent Services

This program provides mental health services to children and adolescents from birth to eighteen years inclusive. Mental health services are designed to support the promotion, enhancement, and protection of mental health within the context of environmental factors; and the prevention, treatment, and recovery from mental health problems in relation to mental disorders, emotional disturbances and/or severe adjustment problems.

The objectives of Child and Adolescent Services are:

  • To provide individualized assessment, treatment and evaluation services in accordance with the unique needs and potentials of each child.
  • To provide crisis services as needed.
  • To provide consultation and education to partners in the provision of services to children and adolescents, including the family.
  • To take a leadership role in promotion of resiliency and good mental health in children and adolescents, as well as prevention of mental illness.

All children and adolescents in need of mental health services will receive an initial screening assessment before a decision is taken regarding eligibility to services.

Adult Long Term Services

This program is for individuals in need of treatment and rehabilitative mental health services and who present a combination of factors relating to diagnosis, duration of illness and level of disability.

The objectives of Adult Long Term Services are to:

  • Provide treatment and monitoring services.
  • Provide psychosocial rehabilitation services and supports.
  • Facilitate community integration and the achievement of an optimal quality of life, material well-being and self-fulfillment.
  • Maximize client potential and resources.
  • Facilitate the participation of clients in their community and the development of their own social network.
  • Support client advocacy and rights protection.
  • Support client recovery by increasing his/her capability to manage stress and difficulties related to the chronic mental illness and loss of functionality.
  • Ensure client participation in all phases of service planning and delivery.

Community Mental Health Centres can be contacted at:

Location Telephone Fax
Bathurst 547-2110 547-2978
Campbellton 789-2440 753-6969
Caraquet 726-2030 726-2090
Edmundston 735-2070 737-4448
Fredericton 453-2132 453-8766
Grand Falls 475-2440 475-2452
Grand Manan 662-7023 662-7029
Kedgwick 284-3431 284-3426
Miramichi 778-6111 778-5296
Moncton (Horizon Health) 856-2444 856-2995
Moncton (Vitalité Health) 862-4144 869-6735
Perth-Andover 273-4701 273-4728
Richibucto 523-7620 523-7678
Sackville 856-2444 856-2995
Saint John 658-3737 658-3739
Shediac 533-2816 533-3376
Shippagan 336-3367 336-3366
St. Stephen 466-7380 466-7501
St. George 755-4044 755-1807
Sussex 432-2090 432-2046
Tracadie 394-3760 394-3770
Woodstock 325-4419 325-4610

Psychiatric Patient Advocate Services
505 – 860 Main Street
Moncton, NB E1C 1G2
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 869-6818
Toll free: (888) 350-4133
Fax: (506) 869-61

Pierre Caissie Youth Treatment Centre
Location: Moncton
Telephone: 856-3262
Fax: 856-2238

Psychiatric Units

Horizon Health Network – Zone 1
The Moncton Hospital
135 MacBeath Avenue
Moncton, NB E1C 6Z8
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 857-5239
Fax: (506) 857-5249

Vitalité Health Network – Zone 1
Dr. G.L. Dumont Hospital
330 Archibald Street
Moncton, NB E1C 2Z3
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 862-4175
Fax: (506) 862-4048

Horizon Health Network – Zone 2
Saint John Regional Hospital
University Avenue
PO Box 2100
Saint John, NB E2L 4L2
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 648-6467
Office: (506) 648-6063
4D South: (506) 648-6468
Fax: (506) 635-1614

Horizon Health Network – Zone 3
Dr. E. Chalmers Hospital
PO Box 9000
Priestman Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 5N5
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 452-5213
Fax: (506) 452-5847

Vitalité Health Network – Zone 4
Edmundston Regional Hospital
275 Hébert Boulevard
PO Box 520
Edmundston, NB E3V 3L2
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 739-2524
Fax: (506) 739-2234

Vitalité Health Network – Zone 5
Campbellton Regional Hospital
189 Lily Lake Road
PO Box 880
Campbellton, NB E3N 3H4
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 789-6882
Office: (506) 789-6907
Fax: (506) 789-5025

Vitalité Health Network – Zone 6
Regional Hospital Centre
1750 Sunset Drive
Bathurst, NB E2A 4L7
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 544-3662
Office: (506) 544-2326

Horizon Health Network – Zone 7
Miramichi Regional Hospital
500 Water Street Miramichi, NB E1V 3G5
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 623-3101
Unit: (506) 623-3100
Fax: (506) 623-6194

Provincial Child and Adolescent Psychiatric
Unit (CAPU)

135 McBeath Avenue
Moncton, NB E1C 6Z7
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 857-5574
Fax: (506) 857-5751

Psychiatric Hospitals
Restigouche Hospital Centre
Gallant Road
PO Box 10
Campbellton, NB E3N 2T5
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 789-6950
Fax: (506) 789-7065

424 Bay Street
PO Box 3220, Station B
Saint John, NB E2M 4H7
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone : (506) 649-2550
Fax: (506) 649-2520

Division Office
Telephone: (506) 444-4442
Fax: (506) 453-8711

New Brunswick Addiction Centers

Location Address Telephone
Bathurst 350 St. George Street (506) 547-2086
Campbellton 53 Gallant Drive (506) 789-7055
Edmundston 62 Queen Street (506) 735-2092
Fredericton 65 Brunswick Street (506) 452-5558
Miramichi 1780 Water Street (506) 778-6111
Moncton 81 Albert Street (506) 856-2333
Saint John 416 Bay St. – South Bay (506) 674-4300
Tracadie 400 Hospitalières Street (506) 394-3615

Youth Engagement

The New Brunswick Youth Engagement Initiative is a youth-led and adult supported initiative that attempts to meaningfully engage youth in community- based activities that contribute to the development of protective factors that prevent or reduce problem substance use, bullying, criminal activity, etc. and promote resiliency and positive mental health among all youth.

This initiative promotes the relationships between youth and adults through connections, drawing on strengths from relationships built and providing youth leadership opportunities in the community.

As part of the Initiative, the Department of Health, with financial assistance from Health Canada’s Drug Strategy Community Initiatives Fund created an eBook to assist communities to bring positive change to their area. The eBook has a variety of information on working with youth in general, and more about the New Brunswick Youth Engagement Initiative.

Activity Centres

Located throughout the province and run by, and for, persons living with mental illness, activity centres have a focus on prevention and promotion. Their self-help programs are varied and are based according to local needs and interests. These centres promote community integration by providing social, vocational, recreational and advocacy activities. They help people become more independent of formal services by means of peer support, education, and mutual aid.

Horizon Health Network (as of August 10th, 2016)


Caledonia Activity Place
5295 Route 114
Hopewell Hill, NB E4H 3M7
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 882-2907
Fax: (506) 882-288

Daybreak: Tantramar Peer Support Centre
PO Box 6423
Sackville, NB E4L 1G6
Telephone: (506) 536-7475

Our Place/Chez Nous Inc.
97½ Cameron Street
PO Box 28006
Moncton, NB E1C 1X6
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 859-6975


Sussex & Area Activity Centre
530 – A Main Street
Sussex, NB E4E 2S4
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 433-1828
Fax: (506) 433-3001

Charlotte County Activity Centre
186 Milltown Blvd
St. Stephen, NB E3L 1G8
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 465-8677
Fax: (506) 466-7501

St-George (Satellite)
Telephone: (506) 755-6963

Grand-Manan (Satellite)

157 Duke Street
Saint John, NB E2L 1N7
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 658-9830
Fax: (506) 643-6094


65 Brunswick Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 1G5
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 452-2773
Fax: (506) 450-0111

Prime Time Pals
PO Box 5001
Woodstock, NB E7M 5C6
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 328-0882
Fax: (506) 325-4610

*C.H.E.E.R.S. (Satellite)
Mental Health Center
138 – 35 F Tribe Road
Perth Andover E7H 0A8
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 273-4527
Fax: (506) 273-4728

Caring Friends

24 Princess Street
Miramichi, NB E1N 2K2
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 778-6680
Fax: (506) 778-5296

Centre Alnwick
732 Principale Street
Néguac, NB E9G 1N4
Find this location on Google Maps
Telephone: (506) 776-3889
Fax: (506) 776-3889

Public Health Services

The mission of Public Health in New Brunswick is to promote, maintain and protect the health of the people. The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (OCMOH) is the Division within the Department of Health responsible for the overall direction of public health in New Brunswick. OCMOH staff work collaboratively with Public Health in the Regional Health Authorities and other stakeholders to fulfill its mission.

Public Health Clinics – Horizon Health Network

Community Address Telephone Fax
Blackville 2 Shaffer Lane 843-2956 843-2911
Boiestown 1 – 6154 Route 8 453-5200 369-2702
Chipman 2 – 9 Civic Court 453-5200 339-7181
Fredericton 1200 – 300 St. Mary’s Street 453-5200 444-5108
Grand Manan 4 – 130 Route 776 662-7024 755-4022
Miramichi 300 – 1780 Water Street 778-6102 773-6611
Neguac 60 – 1175 Principale Street 776-3824 776-3897
Oromocto 275 A Restigouche Road 453-5200 357-4089
Perth-Andover 35 Tribe Road 1-888-829-6444 273-2118
Plaster Rock 120 Main St. 1-888-829-6444 356-6100
Saint John 55 Union Street 658-2454 658-3067
St. George 5 Riverview Avenue 755-4022 755-1807
St. Stephen 41 King Street 466-7504 or 1-888-476-3555 466-7537
Sussex 30 Moffatt Avenue 1-800-545-8008 or 432-2003 432-4524
Woodstock 145 – 200 King Street 1-888-829-6444 325-4724

Patient Connect NB
Patient Connect NB is a provincially managed, bilingual patient registry for New Brunswickers without a primary health-care provider.

Anyone who is eligible for a New Brunswick Medicare card is eligible to register with Patient Connect NB.

New Brunswickers without a family doctor can register with Patient Connect NB and will be assigned to a doctor or nurse practitioner on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those who are already on a no-physician list do not need to re-register as they have already been added to the new patient registry and have maintained priority.

People currently living outside the province but planning to move to New Brunswick can register for Patient Connect NB but must have a valid Medicare card from another Canadian province to register.

The Patient Connect NB registry is a well-managed resource that will match patients with primary health-care providers who are able to take them into their practice. The new registry is managed by Tele-Care 811 and has replaced all of the province’s no-physician lists operated by Horizon Health Network.

Those wishing to be added to the registry can do so online or by calling Tele-Care 811.

Routine Immunization Services
Routine immunization services are available at Public Health offices and from medical and nurse practitioners. Public Health nurses provide routine immunizations for children and adolescents at pediatric immunization clinics and through school-based immunization programs. Parents of adolescents who are not enrolled in a public school may contact their local Public Health office for further information.


Tele-Care is a free, confidential, health advice and information line. Dial 811 for access to bilingual, registered nurses, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In an emergency, call 911 or visit the local emergency department.

Toll-free information lines
Poison: 911
Teletypewriter service (TTY): (866) 213-7920
Patient Connect NB: 811

Community Health Centres

Community Health Centres (CHCs) deliver primary health care closer to home in several communities in our province. CHCs help keep the population of an area healthy while making best use of our valued health professionals.

Horizon Health Network Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Steve Mundle
c/o Saint John Regional Hospital
Cardiovascular Health & Wellness Department
attn: Pulmonary
PO Box 2100
Saint John, NB E2L 4L2
Telephone: (506) 648-6770
Fax: (506) 648-6658

A 10-week program of exercise and education to assist people in developing the tools to manage their disease. Patients are referred through a Respirologist and receive a full assessment before entering the program.

Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation

800 Priestman Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 0C7
Telephone: (506) 452-5225
Fax: (506) 452-5190

The Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation (SCCR) is the tertiary neurological rehabilitation centre for the province of New Brunswick. Our highly trained, interdisciplinary team provides care to the most complex neurological patients.

The primary populations of people served at the Centre include those with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. The Centre also has specialized clinics that provide tertiary care to clients with ALS, MS, muscular dystrophy, autism and cerebral palsy. Depending on client and family needs, services can be provided in an inpatient or outpatient context, through outreach or by consultation with other professionals. The mandate of the SCCR is three-fold: to provide clinical service to clients, to educate clients, care providers and professionals and to engage in research to contribute to advancements in rehabilitation medicine.

The interdisciplinary team collaborates closely with patients and families to ensure that goals of independence are achieved. The SCCR works collaboratively with community-based and hospital-based health service providers as well as with schools, employers and other government agencies to provide a continuum of patient and family-centered service. All services are offered in both official languages.

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