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The New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund was established as a centralized fundraising effort to provide support to provincial sport organizations.

The program will highlight the development of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteer administrators by being able to provide tax receipts for donations.

The goal of the New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund is to enhance the development of sport participation in New Brunswick to ensure that participants have the opportunity to improve their talents to reach their full potential.

The New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund is a fundraising program established for the continued and future development of amateur sport in New Brunswick.

It represents the culmination of sport-specific funds established by each participating provincial sport organization. Participation in the program is voluntary and available to members in good standing with Sport NB.

The New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund provides an opportunity for individuals who have benefited from sport to contribute financially to sport programs for current and future generations.

Cash donations, monthly/annual contributions, planned financial gifts or gifts of valuable property are encouraged. Contributions result in recognition and significant tax savings for the donor.

Funds raised are used to ensure quality-sporting opportunities will continue to be available to everyone in New Brunswick.

Each participating organization will develop directed program(s) within their respective fund to channel dollars toward specific causes.

For example, a scholarship fund may be established to assist athletes to continue to meet both sport and academic goals, a Canada Games fund may be established to cover costs of team development, or a basic legacy fund may be used to cover ongoing operational costs. The applications are bound only by the creativity of the Provincial Sport Organization.

The mission of the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations (CCPTSF) is to provide the means for Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations to network, enhance their effectiveness, and manage the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF).

As a member of the CPPTSF, Sport NB has been authorized to create the New Brunswick Amateur Sport Fund as the New Brunswick Branch of the NSTF and to act as fund manager for all donations made to amateur sport in New Brunswick

KIDSPORT™is a national program that began in British Columbia in 1993. Sport NB has been administering the program in NB since 1996.

We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

For more information on KIDSPORT™, visit their web site or contact Sally Chamberlain at

Application deadlines are January 31, April, 30, July 31 and September 30.

Sport NB is excited to offer this great opportunity for children ages 7-11 to experience a fun filled week of sports and physical activity.

Submit applications for these camps to Sally Chamberlain’s attention.

Sport NB encourages all its members to provide equity in sport for girls & women. Provincial Sport Organizations can take simple steps to encourage more girls & women in sport:

  • ensure your website has equal representation of photos for both male & females
  • recognize both male & female in sports awards
  • nominate your female athletes & coaches for the Pitney Bowes Sports Awards

Sport NB in partnership with LocalMotion has the following resources or events to promote girls & women in sport:

  • Celebration of girls & women in sport & physical activity. The Celebration event provides an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments & contributions that girls & women have made to sport.
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