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You can claim a specially-equipped motor vehicle rebate if you paid GST/HST on the purchase of a qualifying motor vehicle, or you paid GST/HST on a modification service performed on your motor vehicle. To apply for the rebate, complete Form GST518, GST/HST Specially Equipped Motor Vehicle Rebate Application.

Qualifying Motor Vehicle
A qualifying motor vehicle means a motor vehicle that is equipped with a device designed exclusively to assist in placing a wheelchair in the vehicle without having to collapse the wheelchair, or with an auxiliary driving control to facilitate the operation of the vehicle by an individual with a disability.

Modification service
Modification service means a service (including parts) performed on a motor vehicle to specially equip or adapt the vehicle for its use by or in transporting an individual using a wheelchair, or to specially equip the vehicle with an auxiliary driving control to allow an individual with a disability to operate it.

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