Families with special needs dependents can receive funding to assist with assessments and reassessments, as well as to offset some of the extraordinary costs associated with things like assistive devices, respite care, therapy, and medical travel.

 Support includes:

  • Assessments and reassessments: a grant of up to $1,000 to cover residual amounts not covered by federal, provincial or local resources, or personal insurance.
  • Other: a grant of up to $1,000 to offset costs associated with assistive devices, respite care, therapy, medical travel, prescriptions not covered by insurance, etc.


Regular and Reserve Force serving members residing with a dependent family member with a diagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional condition requiring special medical or educational services.


Assistance for serving members is available through your local SISIP Financial Counsellor or the Support Our Troops contact in your area. Receipts may be required.
Applications for special needs assistance will be assessed against the following factors:

  • family composition;
  • access to local resources;
  • complexity of the dependent’s needs;
  • extraordinary costs related to the special need;
  • impact on the family; and
  • family income (not necessarily a determining factor, but will assist in prioritizing applications to ensure those with the greatest need are addressed first).

Link for the grant: https://www.supportourtroops.ca/Get-Support/Special-Needs-Grant?utm_source=Canadian+Forces+Morale+and+Welfare+Services&utm_campaign=bc8f499a53-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_05_28_09_32_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2cce21d7df-bc8f499a53-255470233&mc_cid=bc8f499a53&mc_eid=122ce3a1ba

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