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Provides career development opportunities to support New Brunswickers with disabilities who are receiving social assistance, achieve their goals.

Career development services are offered to all clients with disabilities receiving social assistance that have potential for employment.

If you are not receiving help with employment or career planning, ask your case manager to refer you to a career development case manager.

A Career Development Opportunities case manager can help:

  • set possible goals
  • develop a personal plan
  • answer questions or concerns relating to training or employment
  • refer you to available services and programs

Work Services

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Work Services will strive to move work ready individuals to work in a more timely fashion by assessing their readiness for employment when they first enter our offices. There are 2 main components to Work Services; finding the job (obtaining – up to 6 months) and maintaining the job (retaining – up to 6 months). Client service at Work Services would begin with 3 main components, a group information session, a 1 on 1 meeting and a job retention workshop.

After clients find work they will have ongoing support to help them maintain their job. Work Services will provide support to newly employed clients for a period of time normally not to exceed 6 months. Such support may be required as clients adjust to working and the workplace.

Support would focus on job maintenance, crisis prevention (problem solving) and crisis intervention. This would include the facilitation of processes such as assessing needs, goal setting, action plan development, implementation and monitoring, counseling, advocacy, coordination of the plan, referral for service and emergency financial support.

Work Services special benefits refer to assistance above and beyond the entitlement of clients to social assistance. For open cases, special benefits may be issued on a “one-issue” basis or on an ongoing basis added to the monthly assistance cheque. This would be for benefits issued to meet clients predetermined needs which will occur for a period of two or more consecutive months at fixed monthly rates. Ongoing benefits may be for a period of six months while in Work Services.

Case managers will determine the method of payment for these benefits by indicating whether or not it is to be added to the monthly cheque.

Obtaining Employment

In this phase of Work Services the client will be working with the work Services case manager and the Work Services coach to find full time employment. The maximum amount of time a client may remain in this phase is six months from the date of case assignment to Work Services from Needs.

Disability Support Program

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Provides personalized, flexible disability supports for persons with disabilities in the development of their personal disability support plans. It allows for the provision of independent facilitation and the use of person centered approaches to planning and designing disability supports.

You may qualify for this program if:

  • You are a resident of New Brunswick
  • You are 19 to 64 years of age
  • You have a long term disability (this does not include a medical condition that does not result in long term disability or services required to address drug, alcohol, nicotine or gambling addictions).
  • You require disability related supports in order to address unmet needs and to establish or maintain your living arrangement in the community, to assist or enhance the capacity of your natural support networks to provide support in the community, or to help you participate in the community, thereby helping to avoid long-term inactivity and stress on yourself or your caregivers.
  • You require disability related supports in order to address unmet needs and to assist or enhance the capacity of your natural support networks to help you personally or to help you participate in the community.

Disability supports that might be provided under this program include:

  • Home Support Worker
  • Respite
  • Personal supports and assistance within and outside the home
  • Supports for community involvement and participation
  • Personal living skills training
  • Transportation supports that are disability specific
  • Technical supports and assistive devices not covered under other programs
  • Residential facility services

Some supports and services are currently provided under other government programs and will not be provided or funded under this program such as:

  • Addiction services
  • Vehicle retrofitting
  • Major home adaptations or subsidized housing
  • Mental health services
  • Employment services (except if provided through ADAPT agencies)
  • Child care services
  • Income support
  • Medical services or prescription drugs
  • Residential facility services

There are 3 main ways the application and information gathering process can be completed

  • by yourself or with help from your family or friends,
  • with help from staff of this department, Mental Health
  • with help from an independent facilitator

A financial assessment to determine your contribution towards the cost of approved disability supports will be completed. Your income will be considered in determining your financial contribution. There is no cost for the general facilitation services. If you do not agree with the decisions made by the department staff concerning your eligibility, financial contribution or your support plan, you may request an Administrative Review.

Adult Developmental Activities, Programs, and Training (ADAPT) Program Agencies

ADAPT agencies throughout New Brunswick serve people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. In particular, the ADAPT agencies focus on increasing quality of life by offering programming that is geared towards obtaining and maintaining employment. Their primary goal is to offer assistance and support so people can achieve their goals. Furthermore, ADAPT agencies offer other programs such as life skills, health education, psychosocial activities and community engagements, as well as individualized service plans.

Each ADAPT agency may offer slightly different programs and each are tailored to suit the needs and interests of the individual and communities they represent.

New Brunswick Association for Supported Services and Employment Inc.

239 Charlotte Street
Saint John, NB E2L 2K1
Fax: (506) 632-1073
Email :
Telephone: (506) 634-6888
Toll free: (800) 561-9343

Our primary objective is to intellectual/developmental disabilities.

We do this by providing a collective voice and venue for our ADAPT member agencies to strategize, develop and implement the highest standards of service for people we support.

Atelier de l’Amitié
5 – 3725 Principale Street
Baker Brook, NB E7A 2A5
Telephone: (506) 258-3542
Email :

Bathurst Employment Services and Training Group Inc. (BEST Group)
75 Youghall Drive
Box 73
Bathurst, NB E2A 3Z1
Telephone: (506) 549-5055
Email :

Productions Restigouche
78 Victoria Street
Campbellton, NB E3N 1J4
Telephone: (506) 753-3415

Centre de développement de habiletés du sud est inc.
2 – 2648 Acadie Road
Cap-Pele, NB E4N 1E4
Telephone: (506) 577-4809
Email :

Atelier la Rencontre
204 Saint Pierre E Boulevard
Caraquet, NB E1W 1B1
Telephone: (506) 727-3772
Email :

Carleton-Victoria Community Vocational Board Inc.

Career Information Center
201 – 111 Chapel Street
Woodstock, NB E7M 1G6
Telephone: (506) 325-3927

Employment Assistance Service
6-261 Connell Street
Woodstock, NB E7M 1L2
Telephone: (506) 328-4911
Telephone: (506) 325-9503

344 East Riverside Drive
Perth-Andover, NB E7H 1Y5
Telephone: (506) 273-6867
Telephone: (506) 356-8185

Supported Training & Employment Programs, Transition Program
344 East Riverside Drive
Perth-Andover, NB E7H 1Y5
Telephone: (506) 273-6866

Workshop 4 Handicapped
446 Victoria Street
Dalhousie, NB E8C 2S9
Telephone: (506) 684-2186
Email :

Atelier Tournesol
19 Ferry Avenue
Edmundston, NB E3V 3W1
Telephone: (506) 739-8700
Email :

Centre d’Accueil la Montée
100 Queen Street
Edmundston, NB E3V 1A1
Telephone: (506) 735-4003
Email :

Atelier Beausoleil
978 Rte 445
Fairisle, NB E9G 2X7
Telephone: (506) 776-8448
Email :

Jobs Unlimited

1079 York Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 3S4
Telephone: (506) 458-9380
Email :

Centre d’orientation emploi Dexter / Dexter Employment Orientation Centre
475 Terrace Road
Grand Falls, NB E3Z 1B3
Telephone: (506) 475-4066
Email :

Albert Vocational Training Centre
5295 Route 114
Hopewell Hill, NB E4H 3M7
Telephone: (506) 882-2604
Email :

Centre d’Activité la Ruche
74 de la Baie Street
Lamèque, NB E8T 1A1
Telephone: (506) 344-7793
Email :

Atelier l’Artisan Workshop
280 Old Shediac Road
Memramcook, NB E4K 1W3
Telephone: (506) 758-2751
Email :

Minlak Training Program Inc.
80 Logue Road
Minto, NB E4B 3X5
Telephone: (506) 327-6817
Email :

Miramichi Options for Residential and Employment (MORE) Services Inc.

1662 Water Street
Miramichi, NB E1N 1L3
Telephone: (506) 778-6166
Email :

Ergon Inc.
150 Weldon Street
Moncton, NB E1C 5W2
Telephone: (506) 857-0014
Email :

Moncton Employment and Training Services Inc. (METS Inc.)
1250 St George Boulevard
Moncton, NB E1E 3S1
Telephone: (506) 858-9404
Email :
Email :

Oromocto Training and Employment Centre
285 Restigouche Road
Oromocto, NB E2V 2H2
Telephone: (506) 357-3397
Email :

Atelier Édouard-Roy
323 Route 134
Petit-Rocher-Nord, NB E8J 2E2
Telephone: (506) 783-4978
Email :

Fleur de l’Espérance Inc.
41 Moise Street
Rogersville, NB E4Y 1T7
Telephone: (506) 775-6578
Email :

Vocational Training Centre
97 James Renforth Drive
Rothesay, NB E2H 1K7
Telephone: (506) 847-4759
Email :

Centre Horizon
506 de l’Église Road
Saint-André, NB E3Y 2Y6
Telephone: (506) 473-5746
Email :

Lakeland Industries Sheltered Workshop Inc.
2270 Rte 4
St Croix, NB E6J 1H2
Telephone: (506) 784-2251
Email :

L’ Atelier des Copains Co-Op Ltd.
1710 Route 205
Saint-François-de-Madawaska, NB E7A 1P8
Email :
Telephone: (506) 992-2739

Community Living Centre
124 Main Street
St. George, NB E5C 3S3
Telephone: (506) 755-3730
Email :

Co-op de l’Atelier les Hirondelles
26 du Parc Street
Saint-Jacques, NB E7B 1H3
Telephone: (506) 739-6916
Email :

Key Industries
239 Charlotte Street
Saint John, NB E2L 2K1
Telephone: (506) 634-6888
Toll free: (800) 561-9343
Email :

United Catena Training Centre
1123 Grandview Avenue
Saint John, NB E2J 4P6
Telephone: (506) 696-5672
Email :

Centre de formation et de soutien à l’emploi Saint-Léonard
76 rue de l’École, Unit A
Saint-Léonard, NB E7E 1Y6
Telephone: (506) 423-7216
Email :

Coop le Tourbillon Ltée
8 Saint-Jean Street
Saint-Quentin, NB E8A 1J6
Telephone: (506) 235-2016
Email :

St. Croix Vocational Centre
129 Union Street
St. Stephen, NB E3L 1V9

St. Croix Vocational Centre
Telephone: (506) 466-4977
Email :

L’Éclosion Inc.
167 Principale Street
Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB E7E 1B8
Telephone: (506) 445-3109
Email :

Crosswinds Occupational Activity Centre Inc.
Telephone: (506) 432-7500

Atelier la Fabrique
564 Riviére-à-La-Truite Street
Tracadie, NB E1X 1A7
Telephone: (506) 395-2013
Email :

Community Industries Employment Vocational Association (CIEVA)
113 Moffatt Street
Woodstock, NB E7M 2H5
Telephone: (506) 325-4909
Email :

Community Organizations Offering Training and Support Services

Centre Idéal Centre
250 Main Street
Bathurst, NB E2A 1A8
Telephone: (506) 548-6110

Region served: Chaleur
Services offered: Recreation activities and support group for mental health clients

Working: Stronger Together

St. George
5 Riverview Avenue
St. George, NB E5C 3M1
Telephone: (506) 755-4147
Email :

St. Stephen
41 King Street
St. Stephen, NB E3L 2C1
Telephone: (506) 466-7566
Email :

Region served: Charlotte County
Services offered: Employment assistance, resumé preparation, employer contacts, job placement, job maintenance, career expoloartion, referrals to appropriate community agencies.

Emploihabilité Plus
1 Canada Road
Edmundston, NB E3V 1T6

Region served:
Services offered: sEmployment counselling and job coach services. Employment assistance service for individuals facing serious barriers to either finding or maintaining employment.

Fredericton Works
420 York Street, 3rd Floor
Fredericton, NB E3B 3P7
Telephone/TTY: (506) 450-9354
Email :

Region served: Fredericton area
Services offered:Employability skills, job club, employment counseling, personal management skills

Let’s Work
23 – 65 Brunswick Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 1G5
Telephone: (506) 451-9190
Email :

Region served: Fredericton area
Services available: Job search exploration and assistance with job applications, resume and cover letter preparation and revision assistance, interview training (including conducting mock interviews, assistance with information interviews, etc.), assistance acquiring and maintaining work subsidy programs

Career Assistance
1021 Route 776
Grand Manan, NB E5G 4E5
Telephone: (506) 662-8495
Region served: Charlotte County, Fundy Isles
Services offered: Counseling, job placement

Community Employment Agency
1001 A – 1222 Main Street
Moncton NB E1C 1H6
Telephone: (506) 858-3639
Email :

Region served: Moncton area
Services offered: Vocational assessment, employment counseling, work search, job match, on-site support, employment maintenance/monitoring

Employment Support Peer-Helpers Program Inc.
97 Cameron St.
Moncton, NB, E1C-5Y7
Telephone: (506) 387-7706
Email :

Region served: Moncton area
Services offered: One-on-one assistance to mental health consumers based on employment needs; resume writing, job search assistance, preparation for workplace integration, various workshops to prepare for the workplace.

Ability New Brunswick Inc.
Toll Free: (866) 462-9555

102 – 440 Wilsey Road
Fredericton, NB E3B 7G5
Telephone: (506) 462-9555
Email :

407 – 236 St. George Street
Moncton, NB E1C 1W1
Telephone: (506) 858-0311
Email :

Region served: New Brunswick
Services offered: Employment/vocational consulting services, transitional planning and support, job placement, ongoing support for individuals with mobility disabilities.


130 – 77 Westmorland Street
Frederick Square
Fredericton, NB E3B 6Z3
Telephone: (506) 458-0060

Region served: New Brunswick
Services offered: Career counseling, training, job placement, transition planning and support, job maintenance, technology counseling and follow- up.

T120-22 Church Street
Moncton, NB E1C 0P7
Telephone: (506) 857-4240
Email :

Region served: Moncton, Westmorland, Kent and Albert Counties
Services offered: Assistive technology training and follow-up

Saint John
A150 – 40 Charlotte Street
Saint John, NB E2L 2H6
Telephone: (506) 634-6922
Email :

Region served: Charlotte, Kings and Saint John Counties
Services offered: Adaptive technology training and follow-up

New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL
800 Hanwell Road
Fredericton, NB E3B 2R7
Toll Free: (866) 622-2548
Email :

NB Offices:
230 Laurier Street, Unit A
Bathurst, NB E2A 3H1
Telephone: (506) 547-2440
Email :

101 – 1750 Water Street
Miramichi, NB E1N 1B2
Telephone: (506) 624-5523
Email :

202 – 51 Highfield Street
Moncton, NB E1C 5N2
Telephone: (506) 856-3322
Email :

1531 Principale Street
Saint-Basile, NB E7C 1M9
Telephone: (506) 737-4471
Email :

Saint John
206 – 50 Crown Street
Saint John, NB E2L 2X6
Telephone: (506) 658-6568
Email :

Region served: New Brunswick
Services offered: Public awareness, advocacy, support, research and training

Neil Squire Society
104 – 440 Wilsey Road

Fredericton, NB E3B 7G5
Toll free: (866) 446-7999
Email :
Region Telephone
Fredericton: (506) 450-7999

Moncton: (506) 856-9101
Toll free: (866) 851-9101

Saint John: (506) 633-6115

Region served: Atlantic
Services offered: Employ-Ability program, career skills enhancement, consultation and assessment, research and development of assistive technology, academic upgrading, job placement.

Assistive Technology Services – AT Help Desk
Telephone: (855) 450-3287
Text: (506) 450-3287
Email :

Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm, Monday to Friday

Must reside, study or work in New Brunswick to access these services.

Assistive Technology promotes greater independence and productivity for persons with disabilities. Along with appropriate strategies, this specialized technology enables individuals to perform tasks that they were unable to accomplish, or had difficulties accomplishing.

The Assistive Technology (AT) Specialists will help you:

  • With support for using your Assistive Technology
  • Explore available Assistive Technology options and/or solutions
  • Use the Assistive Technology features on your device/computer
  • Learn Assistive Technology strategies for the classroom or workplace

By providing tips and strategies, the AT Helpdesk is here to support you in using your Assistive Technology to its full potential.

Options Employment Outreach Inc.
165 Union Street
Saint John, NB E2L 1A9
Telephone: (506) 652-3977
TTY: (506) 658-1453
Email :

Region served: Greater Saint John
Services offered: Job search, resume preparation, interview techniques, transition planning

Saint John Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc. (SJDHHS)
324 Duke Street West
Saint John, NB E2M 1V2
Telephone: (506) 633-0599
Cell: (506) 333-6526
TTY: (506) 634-8037
Email :

Region served: Southwestern New Brunswick
Services offered: Support services

Independent Living – Péninsule Acadienne Inc. (CVAPA)
200-C J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan (NB) E8S 1P2
Telephone: (506) 336-1304
Email :

Region served: Acadian peninsula
Services offered: Information and counseling, peer support, employment and training support

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