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Contact information:

Postal address for all offices:
Telephone (all offices): (800) 222-9775
PO Box 160
Saint John, NB E2L 3X9

WorkSafeNB will be a partner in promoting a safe and healthy work environment to the workers and employers of New Brunswick and efficiently provide quality services and fair administration of the legislation.

To provide better services to New Brunswick workers and employers, WorkSafeNB has established regional offices in the following areas:

Place Bathurst Mall
Telephone: (506) 547-7300
Fax: (506) 547-7311
Fax: (506) 547-2982
220 – 1300 St. Peter Avenue
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Telephone: (506) 867-0525
Fax: (506) 859-6911
F – 30 Englehart Street
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WorkSafeNB Rehabilitation Centre
Telephone: (506) 738-8411
Fax: (506) 738-4467
3700 Westfield Road
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Grand Falls
Telephone: (506) 475-2550
Fax: (506) 475-2568
300 – 166 Broadway Blvd
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